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Airlines offset emissions

Airline flying High

Thomsonfly and First Choice Airways are aiming to offset 20% of the carbon emissions they produce.

The airlines have recently merged to become the third largest in the UK and are unveiling their emissions policy at the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) Travel Convention in Tenerife.

In the last year the airlines claim to have saved 24,000 tonnes of CO2 by implementing efficiency measures such as using only one engine to move from the terminal to the runway, removing unnecessary weight from planes, and more efficient flight patterns.

"In the financial year to 31 October this year First Choice aircraft produced an average of 77.5 grams of CO2 per passenger kilometre. Thomsonfly's figure is similar at 80 grams," reports First Choice environment manager, James Whittingham.

These figures compare to 143 grams of CO2 per passenger kilometre for British Airways, 133 grams for Virgin Atlantic, 97.5 grams for easyJet and 96 grams for Ryanair, according to a report by the Environmental Data Services journal last year.

Between them Thomsonfly and First Choice Airways have a fleet of 80 aircraft. "By the end of 2008 we fully expect to offset 20% of our fleet's fuel consumption. While offsetting can't solve the aviation problem it's a positive and immediate action and we're putting our money into projects like creating renewable energy sources such as hydroelectric power," says Whittingham.

Also at the ABTA Travel Convention in Tenerife, Thomson and First Choice will be releasing their annual travel trends report.

Written by: Nick Purdom