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Summer holiday is most prized

Holidays have emotional value

[January 12th 2009]


The Holiday Value Report from ABTA, the Association of British Travel Agents, reveals the vital role holidays play in boosting the economy and lifting people’s spirits.

The report, based on a poll of 2447 adults in the UK, shows that summer holidays are three times more valued than pay rises. A summer holiday is easily the most prized annual purchase, voted for by 37%, way ahead of a new car with just 15%.

The Holiday Value Report reinforces the message from a number of recent surveys that despite the economic uncertainty Brits are committed to taking their summer holiday this year. The poll found that 68% of respondents are prepared to increase their budget or spend the same as last year on their holiday.

The average spend on a holiday per person in 2009 will be £632.04 according to the poll. The Holiday Value Report found that more than 50% of people are happy to spend up to £500 on flights and accommodation, while eight per cent are prepared to pay above £1200.

“Holidays are important to people in different ways but the research is clear that holidays are a vital part of people's year and still will be this year despite the economic downturn,” comments ABTA head of communications, Casia Zajac.

ABTA says that travel agents and tour operators are reporting positive levels of holiday bookings for the first half of January. Egypt, Turkey and long-haul destinations such as Orlando, as well as cruises, are said to be selling well.

The Holiday Value Report was developed by psychotherapist and life coach Christine Webber, who stresses the emotional value of holidays. “Booking a holiday gives us an emotional lift that we’ve called ‘Sunticipation’. It’s a feeling that lasts from the moment a holiday is booked to the first ray of sun on your face. Crucially, ‘Sunticipation’ will help us all put up with the woes of winter and enable us to work harder at our jobs because we have the promise of sunshine and relaxation to come.”

“The nation is suffering from collective stress at the moment – January is a particularly depressing month at the best of times - and holidays are one way of keeping the UK on an even keel. Everyone has to think long and hard about what they spend but holidays are still firmly in the family budget,” concludes Webber.

Written by: Nick Purdom

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