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Isle of Man TT Races

Discover the annual event

June 1, 2009


The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy (the TT Races) has long been one of the UK's premier sporting events, prompting thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts each year to don their leathers and prepare for a fortnight of thrilling competition.

The inaugural event opened on May 28, 1907 at the behest of the Auto-Cycle Club. Initially devised as a 10-lap time-trial of the 15-mile St John's Short Course for road-legal touring motorcycles, the annual event has evolved considerably to incorporate a host of different classes. In fact, the 2009 event - running from May 30-June 12 - will see a total of 89 races take place during the course of the fortnight.

Today, this unforgettable event sees superbikes, side-cars and vintage motorcycles navigate the roads of the 221-square-mile island, with processions and parades taking place throughout the event to create a carnival atmosphere that perfectly complements the high-octane races.

Controversy often surrounds the TT Races, with much emphasis placed on course safety. Indeed, an indication of the danger associated with the TT Races is apparent from the number of fatalities seen on the island: between 1907-2007, 225 lives had been lost on the course. As such, there continues to be criticism surrounding the infamous 'Mad Sunday' event. Here, any member of the public has the opportunity to ride the mountain section of the course between the towns of Ramsey and Douglas.

Despite the dangers, a number of riders have achieved legendary status among petrol-heads due to their exploits at the TT Races. From inaugural victor Charlie Collier to record holder Joey Dunlop (whom has 26 victories to his name), sporting icons have been born through their hair-raising, thrill-a-minute racing of this legendary circuit.

The 2009 Isle of Man TT Races takes place between May 30-June 12, 2009. Full details can be found at www.iomtt.com.

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