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Holiday trends revealed for 2009

main travel trend in 2009 - all-inclusive holidays

[December 29th 2008]

Canary Island holiday

One of the UK’s largest tour operators has made some predictions about the kind of holidays people will be taking in 2009.

TUI Travel, which includes tour operators Thomson and First Choice, says that one of the main travel trends in 2009 will be that more people will take all-inclusive holidays.

“All-inclusive holidays enable customers to budget in advance: all their food, drinks and entertainment are included in the initial cost, so they can go on holiday with a budget for any extras firmly set,” says Thomson and First Choice customer director, Tim Williamson.

Williamson also believes that some new package holiday destinations will become popular in 2009. “As market leaders, we strive to offer our customers new and exciting destinations not previously offered as a package holiday destination. For example for Thomson in 2009, we’re introducing Cuba, Barbados and the Samana region in the Dominican Republic,” he says.

The other long haul destinations that will be popular in 2009 according to Thomson and First Choice are Florida and Mexico. When it comes to short haul destinations, the most popular for summer holidays in 2009 will be traditional favourites such as the Balearics, mainland Spain, the Algarve, Italy and Madeira.

“For mid haul, Greece, the Canaries, Turkey, Cyprus and Egypt look set to top the list,” comments Williamson.

Thomson and First Choice say there may well be less holidays available in 2009, and advise people to book early as the lack of supply may mean that prices will go up.

Another of the tour operator’s top holiday tips for 2009 is to choose a resort with lots of entertainment and activities onsite as this will mean there is less need to spend extra money on other activities outside the resort.

“First Choice Holiday Villages are perfect for families with activities such as high-ropes, swimming and soccer lessons all available at each property, and for adults Thomson’s exclusive Sensatori resorts in Crete and Mexico offer customers the opportunity to do as much or as little as they please,” says Williamson.

Written by: Nick Purdom

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