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Brits least attractive on the beach

New survey finds Brits rudest and heaviest drinkers in resort

[August 4th 2008]

Beach at Alicante Spain

A new survey of holidaymakers in Europe has found that Brits are regarded as the least attractive on the beach and the most undesirable in resort.

The survey by online travel retailer lastminute.com of more than 1,000 customers in the UK, France, Italy, Spain and Germany set out to find people's holiday habits and perceptions.

When asked "Which nationality is the worst dressed and least attractive?', the Spanish (37%) and Germans (31%) both said the Brits. But perhaps most surprisingly, the Brits (22%) agreed. However, we can take small comfort from the fact that the French and Italians both nominated the Germans.

All nationalities agreed that Italian men are most attractive, but only 5% said that British men are sexiest. Of UK respondents, one in 10 found their male compatriots most attractive. British women fared even worse - only 5% of people in the UK found them most attractive. The Spanish find Spanish women most attractive, but all other nationalities nominated Italian women as best looking.

Everyone except the French think the British drink most on holiday - they nominate the Germans. While Spain remains the favourite holiday destination for holidaymakers from the UK, the Spanish clearly have issues with the Brits. As well as nominating us worst dressed, least attractive, and the heaviest drinkers, the Spanish also find us the rudest.

“Whether these findings are following a myth or a reality, the truth to the matter is that Britons do not allow this to get in the way of a good holiday and should feel as confident on the beach as their European counterparts. Let’s not forget that some of the world’s best top models and most renowned fashion designers are British!,“ says lastminute.com MD, John Bevan, putting a brave spin on the findings.

Written by: Nick Purdom


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