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BA flights to cost more

Parked Plane

An inevitable consequence of rocketing oil prices, British Airways has announced that it is increasing the fuel surcharge on all tickets booked from 15 November.

"The cost of oil has reached record levels, rising by more than $20 per barrel since we last increased our fuel surcharge in June 2007," explains BA commercial director, Robert Boyle.

BA says that it expects the cost of fuel to increase by £136 million in the second half of the current financial year, anticipating an annual fuel bill of more than £2 billion.

BA's fuel surcharge for short haul flights will increase from £8 to £10 each way; long haul flights of less than nine hours will rise from £38 to £48 and long haul flights of more than nine hours will increase from £43 to £58 each way.

Expect more airlines to follow suit as booming oil prices put a real dampener on travel, and not just in your own car.

Written by: Nick Purdom