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Ashes fans face tax hike

July 8, 2009


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Plane at take-off

The Ashes may only have begun, but those planning a trip down under for the next series are facing an expensive trip, according to the Association of British Travel Agents.

If the anticipated rises in Air Passenger Duty go ahead in 2009 and 2010, ABTA calculates that cricket fans heading to Australia will be facing an additional charge of up to £170 on top of their flight.

At present, an economy flight to the Antipodes requires a payment to the Government of £40. From November 1 this will increase to £55, then £85 in 2010. Those wishing to travel in premium economy are charged double.

Mark Tanzer, CEO at ABTA, said: "We're calling on this Government to see sense and cancel these rises in APD. Not only will supporting our sportsmen and women abroad become much more expensive, but immense damage will be caused to the British tourist industry and to some of the least well-off nations on the planet who are heavily reliant on tourist revenue."

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