UK, Brunei sign air agreement

The UK and Brunei have signed an aviation agreement that is expected to boost tourism in both countries.

A new air services agreement has been signed that is set to boost travel between the United Kingdom and Brunei.

The deal modernises many of the existing arrangements regarding air travel between the two countries and will facilitate further development of commercial aviation.

UK aviation minister Jim Fitzpatrick and Brunei's minister of communications signed the agreement, which updates the previous accord of 1990.

Mr Fitzpatrick said that the deal strengthens the good relations that already exist between the UK and Brunei.

He added: "I am very pleased to sign this new agreement, which will be good for passengers and the aviation industry for both our countries.

"It will also offer further opportunities for the development of the tourist industry in Brunei."

Brunei is located on the island of Borneo in south-east Asia. While it is an independent state, it is entirely positioned within Malaysia, excluding its coastline on the South China Sea.

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UK, Brunei Sign Air Agreement