IATA's historic climate change deal

IATA climate change deal

The International Air Transport Association and leading players in the aviation industry have signed a historic commitment to tackle climate change.

The declaration was signed at a ceremony at the 3rd Aviation and Environment Summit in Geneva, Switzerland earlier this week. Boeing, Airbus and Rolls Royce were among the 13 organisations committing to environmental responsibility in the industry.

“This declaration is a great step,” said Giovanni Bisignani, IATA Director General and CEO. “IATA’s four-pillar strategy on climate change is now an industry commitment. This commitment will drive us forward - first to our 25% fuel efficiency improvement target, and more importantly towards our vision of carbon neutral growth leading to a carbon emission free industry.

Environmental responsibility is a core promise of the aviation industry, alongside safety and security. We have taken this responsibility seriously long before Kyoto with impressive results - a 70% improvement in fuel efficiency over the last four decades. All the industry partners have a common goal - to keep aviation as a benchmark of environmental responsibility for others to follow.”

He added that governments must play their part by investing more effectively in environmental technologies and next generation global traffic management systems.

IATA represents 240 airlines who account for 94% of all scheduled international air traffic. Environmental campaigners do not think that the global air transport industry is taking strong enough measures to increase efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

Written by: Maxine Clarke


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IATA's Historic Climate Change Deal