'Growing market' paying for comfortable flights

More travellers are showing a willingness to pay extra for flights if it will guarantee them space and comfort, according to Virgin Atlantic.

There is a "growing market" of travellers who are willing to pay extra for their flights in order to have more comfortable journeys, a spokesperson for Virgin Atlantic claimed.

Anna Knowles said that the rising number of people who are prepared to pay a little bit extra but cannot afford business or first class seats is supporting the growth of the 'premium economy' class, a relatively new sector within aviation.

"There is definitely a growing segment of people who are willing to pay for more space and luxury when they are travelling on their leisure trips and who are contributing to the growth in the premium economy sector," Ms Knowles said.

"Long-haul air travel is cheaper than it has ever been and very often cheaper per mile than short-haul air travel and domestic travel."

The spokesperson said that the cheaper fares that many long-haul passengers are able to access is attributable to the rising capacity in the sector.

"There is more capacity in the long-haul economy market, which means that there is an increase…in economy passengers who are taking advantage of the lowest ever fares," Ms Knowles explained.

The Virgin Atlantic representative also underlined the benefit for passengers of a strong aviation industry, as "a competitive market means competitive ticket prices".

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'Growing Market' Paying For Comfortable Flights