Environmentalists plan choc-powered Timbuktu trip

A pair of environmentalists are planning to drive From England to Timbuktu in a vehicle powered by fuel derived purely from chocolate.

Two men from the UK are planning a 4,000-mile trip from south England to Timbuktu in Mali in a lorry powered by fuel that began life as chocolate.

Various confectionery products have arrived at a plant in Preston to be converted into biofuel, which Londoner Andy Pag and John Grimshaw from Dorset will use to power the vehicle for their enormous journey.

The duo will set off from the south coast of England, drive across France and Spain before passing through Morocco and Mauritania to reach Timbuktu, crossing the Sahara desert along the way.

While the trip may sound like an adventure, the pair of environmentalists are hoping their journey will make a serious point about the benefits of biofuel.

Mr Pag said: "Timbuktu is renowned for being the back of beyond.

"If we can make it all the way there on bio-diesel made from chocolate, then there's no reason why people at home can't run their car to the supermarket on the same thing."

Mali, the seventh largest country in Africa, is a landlocked nation in the north-western part of the continent, which shares borders with Algeria, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Guinea and others.

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Environmentalists Plan Choc-powered Timbuktu Trip