BA 'committed to sustainable growth'

British Airways has given its support to plans to expand Heathrow airport and said that it is possible for growth in aviation to be sustainable.

British Airways has thrown its support behind plans to expand Heathrow airport, claiming that growth at the hub can be sustainable and eco-friendly.

Future Heathrow, which represents employers, staff and aviation organisations, recently called for "rapid progress" on the government's plans to expand the London airport.

The group claimed that expansion would boost the UK economy by nearly £10 billion a year through wealth and job creation.

Future Heathrow said that Britain's biggest airport should be improved to remove the risk of it losing its status as a global business hub and BA said that it was dedicated to ensuring that such improvement would be sustainable.

Willie Walsh, chief executive of the airline, said: "We are committed to ensuring that growth is sustainable. By the time a third runway becomes operational, aviation emissions will have been capped by the EU for several years.

"If airlines want to fly more, they will have to pay for emissions reductions in other industries - so overall CO2 in the atmosphere will not rise because of a third runway."

Steve Ridgway, chief executive of Virgin Atlantic, also pledged support to the expansion plans and claimed that limiting growth at Heathrow will not prevent climate change, as the growth will simply take place elsewhere.

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BA 'committed To Sustainable Growth'