Try a cruise for a romantic holiday

[30th June 2008]

Cruise holiday

Cruise holidays provide a good opportunity to look for love a new survey by Cruise Critic has found.

In the survey of 1500 travellers around the world, 52% said they think a cruise is a great option for a romantic holiday. When asked, “If you went on a cruise with romance in mind, what type of romance would you be looking for?” 91% said they would be interested in spending time with “someone special.”

Cruise Critic editor-in-chief Carolyn Spencer Brown met her own future husband on board a cruise ship while travelling alone. “Cruising - with its cozy cabins, private balconies, intimate restaurants for dining a deux, plus the unimaginable romance of being out at sea, away from all semblance of normal daily routines - is one of the most romantic ways to travel. Furthermore, cruise lines offer an array of romantic options including his and her spa treatments, private dining options and wedding packages,” says Spencer Brown.

Cruise holidays are also popular with singles. “As a singles hotspot, cruise ships don’t yet rival dating sites like for offering super easy ways to meet potential partners, but they are coming on strong. Cruising is a great choice for a singles vacation according to 32 percent of survey respondents,” Spencer Brown comments.

“The combination of activities that aim to bring single travellers together and the fact that people are less inhibited on a cruise ship than in their daily routines helps romance along,” she adds.

According to the survey, people are more likely to have a romantic encounter on a singles cruise compared with a singles holiday on land because they are less inhibited on a cruise, the romance of being on the high seas creates unique opportunities, and what happens on board stays on board.

Written by: Nick Purdom


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