Survey shows holidays not a luxury

[December 8th 2008]

Holiday in Sardinia

A new survey from Thomson and First Choice reveals that the British love affair with a holiday in the sun is as strong as ever.

In the new research from tour operators Thomson and First Choice, 88% of those questioned said they would cut back in other areas such as eating out and home improvement rather than cutting back on their holidays.

And no less than 59% said that even if they had to cut back on spending, their main annual holiday would be the last thing they would give up. For 82% of respondents their annual holiday is regarded not as a luxury but as an important event in the year.

“Holidays are about much more than simply jetting off into the sun for two weeks. They’re about spending time with our loved ones, taking time out to play with the kids, losing yourself in a good book, or just sitting back in the sun and recharging your batteries,” comments Thomson and First Choice customer director, Tim Williamson.

“It’s for these reasons that 82% of those questioned consider the annual holiday not a luxury but an important part of the year. Even in today’s current economic climate, our research shows people do still want to go on holiday and are willing to make other sacrifices to make that possible,” Williamson adds.

Thomson and First Choice are advising people to book their holidays early for next year. “There may well be less holidays for next year and as highlighted in Which? research earlier this year, consumers should book early for choice and the best prices,” the tour operators say. Which? found that booking a 2009 holiday early could save £1000 in research released on September 1st.

“As UK industry leaders, we’re working hard with suppliers to ensure we’ve got a great range of holidays available that are great value and sensibly priced,” says Williamson.

Another tip is to choose a 10 or 11 night holiday rather than 14 nights to save money. This way you only have to take a week off work rather than two but you still have enough time to relax and fully recharge your batteries.

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Survey Shows Holidays Not A Luxury