Survey shows Brits want Christmas holidays abroad

[November 3rd 2008]

Jamaica beach holiday

A new survey shows that 60% of Brits plan to take a Christmas break abroad.

The survey by travel search engine suggests that despite the credit crunch, high energy and food prices and rising unemployment many Brits are not prepared to cut back on their Christmas holiday spending plans.

“Christmas is still a traditional time to be with family, but we’re seeing a huge shift in how and where people are choosing to celebrate. The British Christmas culture is evolving from a homebound ‘Winter Wonderland’ into a nomadic ‘Winter Wanderlust’ instead,” comments business development director, Annie Wilson.

The perfect winter holiday for 41% of respondents to the survey was a beach break, followed by 23% who would like a romantic city break in Europe. For 16% the ideal Christmas break involves being pampered in a spa retreat, but only 2% said they intended to holiday in a theme park.

Christmas still appears to be a time to spend with family. Of those questioned, 40% said they would most like to go away with immediate family – but not with “crazy in-laws” in tow. A romantic yuletide with a partner was the choice for 30%. But only 2% wanted a single sex lads holiday or girls getaway.

Interpreting the survey results, Wilson suggests: “It’s possible that this reflects a deeper change in attitude that Brits have towards Christmas. Nearly three quarters (70%) of respondents admitted they significantly disliked something about today’s Christmas experience – from the cost and aggravations of picking the perfect present (63%) to spending time with the in-laws (8%)”.

“But nearly all of us (90%) would be happy to travel abroad with our families and spend a meaningful and relaxing Christmas away from the holiday hustle and bustle,” she adds.

The survey also asked those who intended to spend the Christmas holiday at home rather than soaking up the sun on a beach holiday or hitting the slopes who they would most like to join them for Christmas lunch. Most popular response was George Clooney, followed by Kylie Minogue. Also getting votes were Kate Middleton, Girls Aloud and Amy ‘I don’t want to go to rehab’ Winehouse.

Written by: Nick Purdom


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Survey Shows Brits Want Christmas Holidays Abroad