SAS commits to green flights

Plane Taking Off

Scandinavian Airlines has become the first commercial airline to fly across the Atlantic using a green approach designed to save fuel and CO2 emissions.

Flight SK904 on an Airbus A330 from New York Newark landed on Saturday morning at Stockholm Arlanda airport after a successful Continuous Descent Approach (CDA). The green approach is calculated to have saved around 150 kilos of fuel and 470 kilos of CO2.

"The approach carried out at Arlanda was in fact very easy for us pilots," comments Scandinavian Airlines pilot, Sigmund Lockert. "The engines were running at idle power from our cruise altitude until the final stage of the approach."

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) has already carried out over 2000 CDAs on flights in Sweden using a Boeing 737. It now plans to carry on testing green approaches on trans-Atlantic flights from Chicago and New York to Stockholm arriving during off-peak periods at the weekend.

"This is a big step for the aviation industry, and Scandinavian Airlines is proud to once again lead the way when it comes to environmental issues," says SAS International chief executive officer, Lars Sandahl Sorensen.

SAS estimates that around 492 tons of fuel and 1550 tons of CO2 could be saved each year if CDAs were carried out on all its flights.

Written by: Nick Purdom


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SAS Commits To Green Flights