Low cost airline launches carbon offsetting

Airline in flight

Low cost airline Atlas Blue is introducing a carbon offsetting programme so environmentally conscious passengers can pay to offset their emissions.

Atlas Blue, which offers flights from Gatwick to Marrakech in Morocco, is the first airline in Africa and the second in Europe to offer carbon offsetting to passengers as part of its booking platform.

The booking system, supplied by Airsavings, calculates flight emissions based on distance traveled, fuel consumed, load, capacity, and radiation effect. It then calculates the monetary contribution required to offset the carbon produced by the flight.

Atlas Blue’s new carbon programme is the first to calculate contributions based on distance measured by GPS coordinates. Other airlines currently offer a flat-fee carbon offset programme based on averages.

“Travellers are very concerned about their carbon footprint, and offering them a way to minimise the impact of their flight on the environment allows us to both meet their wishes and add value to the Atlas Blue experience,” says Raphael Bejar, ceo of Airsavings.

Contributions from Atlas Blue passengers will go directly to ActionCarbone, a European non-profit organisation that funds carbon offsetting projects like tree planting and alternative energy solutions.

Atlas Blue is the low cost subsidiary of Royal Air Maroc. As well as low cost flights from Gatwick to Marrakech, it also offers flights from Marrakech to many other European cities including Paris, Brussels, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan and Amsterdam.

Written by: Nick Purdom


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Low Cost Airline Launches Carbon Offsetting