Airlines implement cabin baggage rules

UK airline bmi

Passengers at UK airports including Heathrow and Manchester will be able to carry onboard more than one item of hand luggage from 7 January, but airlines are introducing their own rules.

One of the first airlines to clearly state its policy about cabin baggage is bmi, the second largest airline at Heathrow. bmi has announced that business and premium economy passengers at Heathrow, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Inverness will be allowed to take two items of hand luggage onboard. However, economy class passengers will still only be permitted to take one piece of cabin baggage onboard.

But all bmi passengers will be able to take one personal item onboard, such as a small handbag, small briefcase, laptop or baby-change bag. Laptops in a larger computer bag or bulkier briefcase will however be counted as cabin baggage.

bmi will implement its new rules at other UK airports it operates from once they have gained approval from the Department of Transport to allow more than one item of hand luggage to be carried.

One of the UK’s other leading low cost airlines, easyJet, has stated that passengers at all UK airports it serves will still only be able to take one piece of hand baggage onboard. “Although restrictions are being relaxed at some UK airports, easyJet’s hand baggage policy will not change until the rules and procedures at the majority of UK airports becomes clearer and more consistent,” says easyJet.

Among other UK based airlines, British Airways has said that passengers will be able to carry a briefcase or laptop size bag on board in addition to a small suitcase. Flybe passengers will be able to take more than one item of hand luggage if allowed by the airport. Ryanair, like easyJet, is continuing to restrict passengers to just one piece of cabin baggage.

The rules about the size of hand luggage – 55x40x20cm – and about carrying liquids onboard remain the same. Some UK airports are concerned that the new rules could cause confusion and may lead to longer queues at check-in and security.

“We will have to screen more bags and would appeal to passengers to check the liquids rule. We need them to help us keep queues to a minimum,” stated Manchester airport MD, Andrew Cornish.

Written by: Nick Purdom


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Airlines Implement Cabin Baggage Rules