Airline opens auditions for online movie

[October 20th 2008]

Emirates check in

Emirates Airline has launched a worldwide search for people to take part in its new film, The Exposure of Tom King.

The film is being made to celebrate the launch of Emirates’ new direct flights between Dubai and the centre of the movie industry, Los Angeles. The first flight from Dubai to LA will land on October 26th.

In a twist worthy of a Hollywood thriller the film has already been shot – but without any people in it. Now the hunt for the human element of the movie has started in earnest. People have until October 26th to audition and then, in an incredibly quick turnaround, the premiere will be screened on November 7th.

Auditions will take place via webcam, and bluescreen technology will be used so that audition footage can be placed within the scenes of the movie. Emirates says the film will be the first of its kind.

Helping Emirates to decide who to cast for each role is leading Hollywood casting director, Avy Kaufman. Avy has been involved in the casting business for more than 20 years and has over a hundred film credits, including the Sixth Sense, The Bourne Ultimatum, the Thomas Crown Affair and Brokeback Mountain.

In the plot of the movie Tom King is a Hollywood A-lister at the top of his game, but opportunists Julie and Burt have discovered he has a secret and hold him to ransom for two million dollars. Horrified at the risk of exposure, Tom will stop at nothing and brings in a heavy called Simone.

Visitors to The Exposure of Tom King website will be able to create their own movie trailers, watch all the auditions for the movie and choose to audition for a part themselves. The final film will have a cast of people from all around the world who have never met but will be sharing scenes together thanks to the wonders of modern technology.

Flights from Dubai to Los Angeles will depart on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays at 8.20 local time and arrive in LA at 13.55 local time.

Last week Emirates opened its own terminal, Terminal 3, at Dubai International Airport. The airline is now flying from the new terminal to LA, New York, Houston, San Francisco, Toronto and Sao Paulo plus other destinations in the UAE.

Written by: Nick Purdom


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Airline Opens Auditions For Online Movie