Overseas weddings 'gaining popularity'

The trend of getting married abroad is becoming increasingly prevalent among Brits, according to Confetti.

Overseas weddings have seen a huge boost in popularity recently, according to Confetti.

The wedding company's PR manager said that a variety of far-flung destinations are becoming popular as destinations for overseas nuptial ceremonies for a number of different reasons.

"We've seen a huge growth in getting married abroad throughout the year for lots of reasons," Carol Richardson said. "Certainly it prevents a lot of the fuss of organising a huge wedding where all your relations are invited - lots of people are attracted to that.

"It does give a guarantee of good weather, usually, but not always.

"A lot of people who are getting married for the second or even third time will prefer to go away and do it."

Ms Richardson went on to describe overseas weddings as a "huge growth area" for the industry.

Commenting on the destinations that are popular with couples looking to marry abroad, the Confetti spokesperson said that Mauritius, off the west coast of Madagascar, and St Lucia are both common choices.

"The Caribbean is extremely popular," she said.

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Overseas Weddings 'gaining Popularity'