Australia, SA 'top Xmas destinations'

Long-haul destinations such as Australia and South Africa are among the most popular for Brits on Christmas holidays, according to British Airways.

British people taking holidays at Christmas time show a preference for adventurous, long-haul destinations like South Africa and Australia, according to British Airways.

A spokesman for the airline said that the periods before and after Christmas Day are very busy for air travel as people jet off on festive holidays and visit friends and relatives.

December 25th itself, while it is the quietest day of the year for air travel, also sees a degree of passenger activity in BA's experience.

"A lot of people have their Christmas in the UK and then leave and go on a long-haul flight in the evening or just a bit later in the day," the spokesman said.

"Big destinations at that time of year are South Africa and Australia - they are very, very popular. Some people will fly before Christmas and new year, and others will fly in between those times."

British Airways flies to Johannesburg and Cape Town in South Africa and Sydney in Australia from Heathrow airport.

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Australia, SA 'top Xmas Destinations'