Activity holidays to long-haul destinations in Africa, Asia and all over the world are a popular option among older travellers, according to Saga.

A spokesperson for the company, which provides services exclusively for people over the age of 50, said that the trend of taking long-haul holidays has been growing in popularity for some years.

"Touring holidays to long-haul destinations continue to be very popular," she commented.

"South Africa, New Zealand, China and South America are in the top ten long-haul holidays for our customers."

The spokesperson referred to a recent Saga survey showing that a third of over-50s were more concerned about the quality and length of their holiday than when they were younger.

Discussing the reasons behind the rising popularity of long-haul holidays, she added: "I think having more options about who to fly with and which airport to fly from has encouraged more people to travel long haul."

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