More than half of US holidaymakers are more likely to select an airline, rental car or hotel that is environmentally friendly, according to a survey by the Travel Industry Association (TIA) and Ypartnership.

Exactly half of the people polled said they would be more likely to choose an airline that offset its carbon emissions or was more fuel efficient, 56 per cent said the same for car rental firms and 54 per cent said they would be more inclined to visit an eco-friendly hotel.

However only 14 per cent of respondents said that their choice of travel service supplier is directly influenced by environmental concerns.

Some 13 per cent of people said they would be willing to pay higher rates or fares for a travel service supplier that demonstrated environmental responsibility and 56 per cent said they might consider paying more for an eco-friendly service.

Suzanne Cook, senior vice-president of research at the TIA, said: "The results of the survey suggest that awareness of a travel service supplier's efforts to operate in an environmentally responsible manner may be sufficient to attract additional patronage, but not at a significantly higher fare or rate.

"The 'value assessment' consumers ascribe to any travel service transaction appears to remain the primary determinant of their actual purchase behaviour."

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US Travellers 'prefer Eco-friendly Providers'