A spokesperson for low-cost airline easyJet has highlighted the importance of the internet to travel in the modern world, saying that growth of the worldwide web has "revolutionised" the industry.

The airline representative said that some carriers moved parts of their business online when consistent growth meant that existing methods of handling customer activity were insufficient.

"As the low-cost airline industry took off and more people began to travel more regularly, it was clear that call centres weren't going to be big enough," she said.

"We had to find a new distribution channel that would fit in with the values of the business and low cost base, while reaching huge different segments of the population."

Describing the development of easyJet's business, the spokesperson added: "In 1998 we launched our online booking service and very quickly, within a year, our total online booking was about 30 per cent."

She went on to explain that the appeal of the internet lies in its flexibility, the choice that is available when booking online and the bargains that can be found.

EasyJet recently announced that it handled over 3.4 million passengers in September this year, 14 per cent more than the same month in 2006.

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Internet 'has Revolutionised Travel'