Modern tourists and travellers are more conscious of security and the need to take safety precautions today than they have ever been before, according to an airline spokesperson.

According to Sophie Greenyer of British Airways, recent security alerts have given air passengers a new understanding of safety issues.

"Passengers' understanding of security has changed an awful lot," she said.

"When a passenger gets on a flight they are much more conscious of what other passengers are doing [and] we all as passengers are much more aware of security as an issue now."

Mr Greenyer went on to stress that, just as the public have changed their behaviour and opinions in light of recent events, the aviation industry has responded also, with flight crews now given more training in security and how to reassure passengers.

"You get passengers who are concerned about flying for lots of reasons…so crew are given advice and skills on how to deal with passengers who are nervous," she explained.

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