Airlines in India and China boost Airbus

Airbus A380 superjet

Airbus has reportedly received orders worth around £4.5 billion from China Airlines and Indian based airline Kingfisher Airlines.

China Airlines, which is the largest airline in Taiwan, is believed to be buying 14 Airbus A350-900 aircraft with an option for another six in an order worth about £2 billion. It is thought the airline will use the planes on long haul flights to Europe, the USA and Australia from 2015.

The Indian media is reporting that Kingfisher Airlines, which has its headquarters in Mumbai in India, is buying up to 40 planes from Airbus in a deal worth around £2.5 billion.

At a press conference earlier this month, Airbus chief operating officer John Leahy said: “We are well positioned for the future as we see continued demand from areas that include India, China and the low cost markets”.

At the same press conference, Airbus president and ceo Tom Enders told reporters: “We have a huge – and high quality – backlog of more than 3,400 aircraft, filling our order book for something like six years. The demand will continue, as airlines seek environmentally efficient and economic aircraft”.

Airbus made headlines last year with the first flight of the new double decker superliner the A380 by Singapore Airlines. In late February Singapore Airlines is expected to take delivery of a third A380 which will enable it to start a daily service using the superjet between Singapore and Heathrow.

Further A380s will also be delivered this year to Emirates and Qantas. Airbus is hoping to deliver one A380 - the world’s largest passenger aircraft - approximately every 30 days this year, building up to four a month by 2010.

Written by: Nick Purdom


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Airlines In India And China Boost Airbus