A market still exists for relatively short breaks to long-haul destinations, despite the popularity of 'responsible' tourism, according to the Association of British Travel Agents (Abta).

The group said that, while the urge to travel responsibly impels many people to take long holidays if they are travelling to long-haul destinations, this does not apply to the entire travel market.

"In the responsible tourism field, people would rather go to long-haul destinations for longer periods of time, rather than short breaks," an Abta spokesperson said. "But there has been a market recently for people to go for two weeks and sometimes even less, depending on where it is.

"I have heard of short breaks to Cairo and Las Vegas, where people go for a long weekend. People also go on shopping day-trips to New York."

The representative also referred to the "comfort issue" that influences the travel decisions on many people.

Flights to Australia, for example, are "not that appealing" to some people, she said.

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