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Welcome back to...

Holidays are easy again, so here's seven great destinations that we've been missing and recently re-opened to visitors

Welcome back!

Holidays are easy again, and with changes to our traffic light system as well as other countries reopening to holidaymakers there's a host of countries open for business again and just waiting to welcome you back.

1. Turkey

When did it re-open?

Turkey was on the UK's red list until Weds September 22, when it moved to amber. So it was never quite closed...but holidays wouldn't have been practical, what with the ten days' quarantine at the end.

When to go

Turkey does autumn sun but not winter - October averages 19c with highs of 24c, and November 14c with highs of 19c.


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2. Canada

When did it re-open?

Canada reopened to double-jabbed Brits (and Europeans) on September 7.

When to go

Canada does great citybreaks, especially in Vancouver, some of the world's best skiing, and adventure holidays like nowhere else. It's spectacular in winter.


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3. Italy

When did it re-open?

Italy dropped its 5-day quarantine for UK arrivals on August 31, so double-jabbed Brits have been able to visit ever since.

When to go

Italy has everything, but this time of year it's best for citybreaks - Rome, Florence, Venice and Pisa are wonderful whatever the weather.


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4. Sri Lanka

When did it re-open?

Sri Lanka was another country to come off the red list on September 22, and has been open to UK visitors with suitable precautions since the start of this year.

What are the restrictions for visiting Sri Lanka?

At time of writing, fully-vaccinated visitors to Sri Lanka are required to stay for one to two nights in a government-approved hotel, but once you've cleared a Covid test you're free to venture out and explore the main tourist sites in a Covid bubble. Visitors without both jabs have to stay in-resort for 14 nights, so - while two weeks in a Sri Lankan hotel is by no means any hardship! - a trip to Sri Lanka may not be feasible unless you've had the vaccine or are happy to stay in-resort for the whole holiday. More details are kept up-to-date on the Sri Lankan government website.

sri lanka

Where's still left to open up?

Most of Europe is now accepting fully-vaccinated UK visitors, in many cases without any additional tests.

The rest of the world is more cautious. Most countries outside Europe demand a negative test as well as proof of vaccination. We all know Australia and New Zealand are pursuing a zero-Covid strategy and therefore closed, but so are remote destinations such as Bhutan in the Himalayas so there's still places completely shut off to visitors.

And the USA is still closed to visitors, but expecting to re-open next month - see below.

5. Egypt

When did it re-open?

Egypt came off the UK's red list on September 22.

When to go

Egypt is hot all the time - you can visit Cairo, Hurghada or the Valley of the Kings pretty much any time of year and get the same weather.

Pyramids in Egypt

6. The Maldives

When did it re-open?

The Maldives came off the UK's red list on September 22.

When to go

May to November is monsoon season for the Maldives, so the best time to visit - European winter and spring - is just coming around.


Will I need a test to travel?

It will depend on the entry policy of the country you plan to visit. Many countries in Europe are happy to admit vaccinated travellers without any further tests, but all of the countries we list in this article - Canada, Turkey, Italy, Sri Lanka, Egypt, the Maldives and USA - require a test on entry.

We work with a number of Covid test providers and can recommend the right test for every trip.

7. USA

When does it re-open?

The USA will reopen to British visitors in November

When to go

It's a big place, so it depends where you're going. New York is magical at Christmas, New England is best in fall and you can't beat summer in California.

USA in the fall

Where else can I go?

Most of Europe and much of the rest of the world is open to visitors and pretty much back to normal now - it's easier now to list the places that are still closed.

By our calculations more than 60% of the UK's favourite holiday destinations are open hassle-free both ways - that is, from October 4, if you've had both jabs you can get in and out without a test (though for the moment you still need the day two test after you come back).

Holidays are easy again - see our "where can you travel now?" guide below for some suggestions!