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Turkey travel advice

To help you find your way around the white sand beaches and warm weather of Turkey, this guide offers some tips to plan your holiday with ease, getting you to the beach in no time.

Things to know before travelling to Turkey

Don't drink the tap water: Although there are filtration systems in some communities and the water quality differs, the tap water is not safe and can cause adverse side effects. However, you can use it for a variety of other purposes such as cooking.

Carry cash: Cash is necessary if travelling outside of Istanbul as a credit card is not accepted in many places outside the capital.

Traffic: Traffic is notoriously chaotic. You must be careful when walking near roads and when crossing streets, as cars will not stop for you.

Public affection: Turkey is a conservative country and so you should avoid public affection as this may be frowned upon.

Another important thing that you should remember is to take out Turkey travel insurance as this will be important should you need emergency medical attention.

How to get around Turkey

For long trips, the most popular mode of transport is by coach or bus. They are relatively cheap and service smaller towns as well as the big cities. Unlike the UK, you will be served refreshments and the seats and buses themselves are very comfortable.

If you are travelling a short distance, using a bike to get around allows you to see the sights close up while getting around quickly. These can be hired from tour operators on a daily rate.

Do I need a visa to visit Turkey?

You will need a visa to enter Turkey and these can be obtained online for 20 pounds. Visas allow you to explore Turkey for 90 days, but you should check the latest travel advice before travelling.

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