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While solo travelling should not be dissuaded, it is important to know the measures that you should take to keep yourself safe when travelling alone in unfamiliar countries.

Is it safe to travel to Thailand alone?

Many tourists feel safe in Thailand and both men and women can travel alone. However, violent attacks have been committed against tourists, especially at bars and at night. Pick-pocketing and theft are common, whether that be in crowded areas or from open transport such as Tuk Tuks. You should also be aware of credit card fraud problems and ATM skimming. In order to stay safe, you should also be careful near roads as Thailand is renowned for having a high number of road traffic accidents.

The political situation in Thailand is often unstable and there are demonstrations and protests happening widely. You should avoid these in case violence breaks out and you could be arrested for attending. You should also be careful that you do not criticise the military coup of 2014 as there is still limited free speech and press after this event.

Are there sharks in Thailand?

There is plenty of opportunities for solo travellers to experience shark diving in Thailand, with a host of great shark species such as leopard sharks and whale sharks. However, the only dangerous shark to humans in Thailand is the bull shark, but sightings are rare and there have only been 50 incidents of human attacks since 1958, meaning Thailand does not even make the top 10 list for shark attacks.

Things you need to know before travelling to Thailand

Drugs: Possessing drugs will carry a serious penalty that includes a long prison sentence in notoriously harsh conditions and if you are found with Class A drugs, even the death sentence.

Animal Tourism: Do your research before embarking on animal tourism such as elephant trekking as many animals live under poor conditions and neglect.

Wildlife: Do not feed wildlife such as monkeys as this can lead to them becoming vulnerable in the wild. Insect Repellent: Bugs are everywhere in Thailand which means that it is best to use insect repellent at all times to avoid infection and itchy bites.

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