Top 10 Must-Try Foods in Mexico

No one goes to Mexico without the expectation to try all of their favourite Mexican dishes in their home country. Here is a compiled list of your must-try foods in Mexico.

1. Tacos

Hardshell tortillas filled with meat, vegetables and beans make this open wrap the basic food staple of Mexico, and when it comes to tacos, they're cooked no better than in Mexico itself.

2. Enchiladas

The difference between enchiladas, tacos and fajitas are slim, except perhaps that enchiladas are topped with chilli pepper sauce and can sometimes even be filled with potatoes.

3. Fajitas

A popular Tex-Mex dish, fajita is the meat that is used on tacos, and have now created a food revolution of their own, termed originally due to the cut of beef used in the dish.

4. Chilaquiles

These traditional breakfast items are often made from leftover tacos, using the staple ingredients of tortilla, salsa and cheese.

5. Quesadillas

Unlike tacos, quesadillas are popular for their unusual cooking method. Consisting of the same ingredients as a taco, they're cooked on a grill, giving them a richer flavour.

6. Chiles Rellenos

Chiles Rellenos are stuffed chillies, normally filled with cheese and other ingredients before being fried and breaded.

7. Tostadas

Tostadas are bowl-shaped tortillas that are toasted. They most often topped with meat, fish, salsa and vegetables.

8. Carne Adobada

This dish consists of pork marinated in chilli sauce along with vinegar and oregano and can be used in wraps and tortilla dishes, as well as on its own.

9. Mole

This is the national dish of Mexico and is made out of a large range of ingredients including chilli sauce and chocolate.

10. Burrito

Although this is usually a Tex Mex dish, burritos can be found in Mexico to please tourists and are perfect for rounding off your trip, with their closed edges making them much less messy than other tortilla dishes.

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