Visiting Mexico in Summer

Mexico is the perfect place to visit in the summer, with a turquoise ocean, family-friendly resorts and a great selection of historical artefacts to discover. Visiting in the summer months can provide you with the perfect backdrop to snorkel, scuba-dive and get the best summer tan on its many beaches.

What is the temperature in Mexico in the summer?

The difference between the winter and summer temperatures in Mexico are extremely similar, with the average temperatures in the summer around 29 degrees Celsius. This makes Mexico a good choice to visit in the summer, not having the high temperatures of U.S states such as Florida or the lows of the UK.

What are the hottest months in Mexico?

The hottest months vary widely across Mexico. The hottest month in Mexico City is May with highs of 18 degrees, whilst the warmest month in Cancun is July, with highs of 28 degrees Celsius. Although they're the warmest, they don't coincide with the best months to visit Mexico, which is in the early spring when its both warm and dry. The rainy season in Mexico happens in the summer months. Whenever you visit Mexico, it's important that you take out travel insurance for Mexico for your trip in case of accident or emergency.

What fun things are there to do in Mexico in the Summer?

A popular activity to do in Mexico during the summer months is visiting the Mayan archaeological ruins such as Tulum and Coba. Built in the 13th century, these ruins house murals and temples that provide an exciting insight into Mexican history. The summer is the perfect time to visit these as the warm weather will allow you to enjoy being outside for a long period of time.

For a more relaxing experience, why not try swimming in a cenote? Cenotes are natural sinkholes, and as well as providing snorkelling opportunities, they're also the perfect places to swim and refresh yourself before another day under the summer heat.

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