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Mexico is a wonderful country full of Mayan heritage and a great selection of water sports. As with any holiday, it's important to pack appropriately so that you're fully prepared.

What should I wear in Mexico?

What should I pack for a week in Mexico?

Depending on the type of activities you'll be taking part in, you'll want to pack sandals and sturdier shoes such as trainers. This will allow you to adapt to both the warm weather and any heavy exercise or sports you may be doing. There is also a large range of insects in Mexico which could give you some uncomfortable bites, so it's best to be prepared by packing a good insect repellent and an anti-inflammatory gel. You should also pack enough sun cream to protect your skin for the whole holiday, especially if you're going to the beach or doing water sports that may leave you vulnerable to the sun.

Before you pack, you should ensure that you've taken out Mexico travel insurance and are taking the necessary documents in case of medical emergency or missed flights.

Are there any laws about what I can wear?

Although this law does not often come into effect, (if at all), it's technically illegal for men to wear shorts. Although you'll most likely never run into a problem for wearing shorts, this male dress code is still part of the laws you should be aware of today. Apart from this, there are no other laws concerning what you should wear in Mexico.

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