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Mexico is an undeniably beautiful country, what with its rich history, and its world-class Aztec temples. It's also a relatively affordable holiday destination for those who seek adventure or an all-inclusive resort.

Is it safe to travel to Mexico?

Although there are certain risks and dangers, Mexico can be perfectly safe for travellers. Resorts, for example, are perfectly safe to visit. They have extra security, both provided by the resort themselves and the government. The popular tourist destination of Cancun has plenty of security to help protect tourists and deter crime.

What areas to avoid in Mexico

There are some parts of Mexico that are riskier to visit than others particularly with the prevalence of violent crime, carjacking and gang activity.

However, this doesn't mean the whole country is out of bounds. Top class resorts and islands like Cancun that bring in tourist dollars are often well protected.

Although in certain areas like Los Cabos and Acapulco there are high levels of homicides, it's important to note that most cases of homicides occur during cartel or gang-related warfare. For the most part, travellers and tourist areas are left alone.

Things to know before travelling to Mexico

Before you go to Mexico, you should always buy travel insurance for Mexico that covers the trip and all the activities you have planned. Other safety tips include:

  • Book only reputable hotels or resorts
  • Don't drink the tap water
  • Be wary of heat stroke

Do this, stay near safe areas, and try to stay vigilant throughout your trip and you should have a great time.

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