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While many women see Dubai as a place where women have fewer rights than in Western countries, Dubai is a common destination for lone female travellers and most of these visits are without incident.

Is it safe to travel in Dubai as a single woman?

It is generally safe for women to travel to Dubai, and women should not fear to §travel alone. Although you may encounter occasional unwanted attention, there are plenty of professional women living in Dubai perfectly safely.

There are precautions that you can take to stop unwanted attention, such as wearing a wedding ring, sitting in the family areas of restaurants if you intend to dine by yourself, and travelling in the women's section near the front of public transport. You should also ensure that you take out good Dubai travel insurance to ensure you're able to have access to the correct medical care and treatment whilst there.

Is there a dress code in Dubai?

It's respectful to avoid wearing revealing clothing such as shorts and tank tops in Dubai, especially for women. While you may wear swimwear on the beach, you should not wear this clothing to and from the beach. When away from the beach, it's advisable to wear baggy clothing with long sleeves, loose trousers and skirts that fall below your knees. This will ensure that you avoid unwanted attention and are protected from the often harsh weather conditions.

What accommodation should I look to use?

It's generally safe for single women to stay in hotels, however it's still a good idea to avoid hotels in unsafe areas such as Deira and Bur Dubai. Many hotels have transport to the most popular tourist attractions and shopping centres which can be very safe ways to get around the city.

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