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What is the dress code in Dubai?

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Although Dubai is a modern and cosmopolitan city, many tourists worry about the appropriate dress code and what they should wear when travelling to Dubai.

When travelling to Dubai, although revealing clothing is not prohibited, it is disrespectful to wear clothes such as tank tops. Additionally, cross-dressing is not permitted. People have been arrested previously for wearing the wrong clothing and so this must be taken into consideration when dressing.

Instead, you should wear appropriate clothing such as long-sleeved, loose tops and long trousers which will both be practical for the heat and will stop you having any issues. However, on the beach, there is a wider variety of items that can be worn and you may wear swimsuits and other beachwear. These should not be worn when travelling back to the hotel. Considering the heat in Dubai, you should take out a comprehensive Dubai travel insurance policy to cover any medical emergencies and passport loss before travelling.

Can you wear shorts in Dubai?

You are allowed to wear shorts in Dubai, but it is more respectful for women to wear long trousers or skirts. Although, men will be fine to wear knee-length shorts. Shorts are completely fine on the beach, however.

When visiting restaurants and other up-market public places, they often have a dress code which suspends the wearing of shorts, and in these cases, both men and women must wear long trousers or skirts.

What to pack to wear in Dubai

You should wear light trousers or jeans that will remain comfortable during high temperatures with short sleeved clothing that is appropriate for the heat. It can sometimes get cold during winter and so you should pack a light jacket if you will be travelling during the winter months.

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