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The Caribbean makes for an excellent location for a holiday for young people. In fact, staying on the islands themselves will often offer you a great chance to soak up all that an island has to offer. Want to surf? Scuba dive? Hike? Or do you want to laze around on the beach and then party all night? The island way of life is agreeable to nearly everyone, you just need to know what to do:

Activities for young people in the Caribbean

There are many activities for young people in the Caribbean. You can enjoy water sports, hiking, partying, shopping – and so much more. Whether you want an action-packed holiday or a relaxing one staying at the beach, Caribbean makes for the perfect holiday destination. Just remember to get travel insurance that covers the activities you plan on doing, so you can be covered in case of any emergencies.

Which Caribbean island has the best nightlife?

Nightlife is hot in the Caribbean islands, mostly because with very few exceptions, the legal drinking age is 18. With America right next door, this means a lot of young people travel to the Caribbean specifically to party before they can legally do so back home in the US.

As for which islands have the best nightlife? You'll find yourself being spoilt for choice.

The top five islands with the best nightlife scene are:

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Party in the UNESCO world heritage site and take your pick of bars, clubs, and hotels that offer parties and live performances alike.

Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is America's playground, and so expect plenty of college students and Americanised restaurants and bars set amongst the backdrop of palm trees and white beaches.


Full of all-inclusive resorts, bars, and gambling spots, this place is a haven for nightlife.


This country is renowned for its nightlife and love of music. Consists of beautiful mountains, rainforests and amazing beaches.


This Dutch island is the perfect place to go for beach parties. It is also close to the western beaches such as Blue Bay, which is a popular diving site.

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