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Although many travellers visit Bali each year, many tourists worry about the safety of Indonesia and Bali. This guide will help you to determine whether it is safe for you to visit and the necessary precautions that you can take.

Is Bali safe for a family holiday?

Bali is generally safe for a family holiday. Although, when travelling with children, there are some dangers that you have to consider. The most important issue is road safety in Bali. Roads are often chaotic and cars will not stop to let people cross. You should keep a close eye on children when near roads as the crossings will often be ignored by the rush of traffic.

Another major concern for parents is the unpredictable weather in Bali. You should ensure your child has the correct amount of sun cream on and ensure that you stay alert for tsunami warnings and red flags on the beach. Strong currents can be particularly dangerous to small children and it's easy to get caught out if you're not prepared.

When travelling with family, it's a good idea to take out adequate travel insurance for Bali to ensure you're covered in the event of passport loss, flight cancellations or medical treatment.

Is it safe to travel on your own to Bali?

Theft such as bag-snatching and hotel room theft is known in Bali. You should be careful when leaving valuable possessions at the hotel and stay aware of your surroundings at all times, particularly when using public transport or visiting beaches. This is especially crucial when travelling alone as thieves can target you more easily. You should ensure that you stay within busy or tourist areas and avoid drinking alcohol or walking around at night.

Are there any parts of Bali to avoid?

Although there aren't many dangerous areas in Bali, you should avoid walking alone at night in the area of Kuta as the busy nightlife has created alcohol and drug issues.

What vaccinations are needed to Bali?

All travellers should receive the hepatitis A, tetanus and typhoid vaccinations. Some travellers may need extra vaccinations and these can be found on the NaTHNac's vaccination page.

Bali can make a great location for a fun-filled family holiday. However, like anywhere, precautions should be taken to ensure you have a relaxing and enjoyable time.

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