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Water skiing can make for a wonderful holiday activity if you're looking to combine thrill-seeking and adrenaline with enjoyment. Water skiing is one of the most popular extreme water sports in the world, and many popular resorts offer water skiing as an activity.

Safety Tips on Water Skiing

Use a Flotation Device: You should always wear a personal lifejacket to ensure that you're safe if you fall or something goes wrong. You can also learn hand signals so you can tell people you need help when you're on the water.

Take out Travel Insurance: Always make sure that the travel insurance policy you choose includes cover for the specific waters sports you'll be taking part in. Check out our water sports travel insurance for more information on cover for water-sports

Avoid Hazards: Stay aware of your surroundings, such as the shore, undercurrents and rocks. This will reduce your risk of injury or falling.

Is Water Skiing Harder than Wakeboarding?

Water skiing and wake-boarding are sometimes seen as interconnected. Although some people find that water skiing is harder as you have to keep control of both legs, water skiing is generally easier as you're facing straight forward and is technically less difficult. You may know how to use a wakeboard if you snowboard, as it has a similar technique, and wakeboards often go slower that water skis. However, in both activities, you'll be attached to a boat and have a rope to hold on to.

Basic Tips on Water Skiing

Get up Slowly: Standing up quickly can make you lose your balance. Instead, you should get up slowly with your arms straight in front of you and your shoulders level between the skis.

Use your Weight:You should evenly distribute your weight between the skis; this will help you to stay balanced. Stretching: Water skiing is hard on your muscles and stretching before and after will help you to be more flexible and stop any aches and pains you may feel afterwards.


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