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More and more people are going on adventure holidays and using the free time they have to learn new sporting skills and maintain their fitness. Rowing can make a great sport for holidays, as the warm water, sunny weather and long canals and rivers provide the perfect setting.

Is Rowing a Good Sport for Fitness?

Rowing is one of the best sports for fitness and has an almost endless list of health benefits. Like the rowing machines in your local gym, rowing is a great tool to increase your muscle strength and capabilities. Rowing for a long time can also help to increase your endurance as rowing is a cardiovascular exercise. Not only this, but rowing can help to improve your fitness by helping you to lose weight, as it is both a great upper and lower body work out.

Tips and Advice for Beginners

Rowing with your Legs: Many beginners start to row with their arms, and this can allow you to plunge the oars too deep and throw you off balance. Instead, your legs should be doing most of the work as this will help to drive you forward whilst remaining stable.

Wear the Right Clothing: As with any sport, if you wear the wrong clothing, you'll find it more difficult to perform. You should wear tight, Lycra clothing and avoid baggy hoodies or trousers that could get caught.

Practice on a Rowing Machine: Starting off on a rowing machine will allow you to perfect your technique without having the water or weather to worry about.

Travel Insurance: You should always take out water sports travel insurance when going on a fitness holiday abroad as this will cover you in the event of injury.

Great Places to Go Rowing on Holiday

Lake Bled: Slovenia is home to mild weather and lovely surroundings. This area has an undercurrent of flat but fast water to enjoy.

Amsterdam: The canals of Amsterdam are some of the most extensive in Europe and rowing here can give you the best views of the city.

London: If you'd rather go on a staycation, rowing down the Thames is a must for every British rower.

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