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Travel insurance Jersey

With its interesting mix of British and French culture, historic castles, cliffside walking trails and wartime heritage, Jersey has been a popular destination among Brits looking for a relaxing vacation closer to home. Taking out comprehensive travel insurance for Jersey can make the trip all the more enjoyable, as you can rest assured, safe in the knowledge that you're protected against cancellations, medical emergency costs and lost personal possessions.

Do I need travel insurance to Jersey?

Despite being a British Crown dependency and having close links with the UK, the Island of Jersey is officially self-governing with it's own separate legal and healthcare systems. As such, having adequate travel insurance in place is desireable for UK citizens travelling to Jersey.

While a Reciprocal Health Agreement does exist between Jersey and the UK (which in some instances can mean exemption from certain emergency medical costs) this is no replacement for comprehensive travel insurance with medical cover, as you could still be liable to pay hefty medical charges.

How do I book my travel insurance?

Booking travel insurance for your trip to Jersey is very simple. Just fill out the quote form at the top of the page, remembering to include the name of your destination in the 'destination' field. You'll then be able to the view the details and policy wording of our UK travel insurance before making your booking.

Annual travel insurance

If you're planning a few trips during the course of the year, then it may be worth considering an annual multi-trip policy. With an annual multi-trip policy you are covered for an unlimited number of trips abroad, provided each trip includes a minium of one over night stay, and does not exceed the maximum trip duration limit.**

An annual multi-trip policy could potentially save you both time and money as you'll only need to book and pay once for your travel insurance policy.

Top tips for travelling to Jersey

Currency - Although English money is widely accepted, along with most major debit and credit cards, the Island mints it's own currency, so you may find that change will be given in Jersey money. Jersey money carries the same value as english money, though you may find that some UK business will be hesitant to accept Jersey currency.

Getting around

Driving - In Jersey they drive on the left side, so visitors from the UK shouldn't have any problems. The official island speed limit is fixed at 40mph, so bear this in mind when travelling by car.

Public transport - Buses are the main mode of transport in Jersey with regular services linking the main attractions and towns.

Cycling - The island is criss-crossed with a network of cycle trails, running along the coast and through quiet country lanes. A great way to get around and stay physically active at the same time.

Walking - The abundance of tree-lined country lanes, hidden bays, beaches and coastal trails make exploring the island on foot an absolute pleasure.

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