Travel Insurance Edinburgh

While taking out a UK travel insurance policy might not strike you as an obvious addition to your packing list, when you think about it, it makes perfect sense.

Whether you've paid for a flight from London, or have booked a train journey from Leeds, if for any sudden and unforeseen accident, illness, loss or damage which is beyond your reasonable control, then you might be entitled to reimbursement for your cancelled journey. Of course you won't need medical insurance for your Scottish trip, as you have access to the wonderful gem that is the NHS.

    Baggage cover - up to £500

    Cancellation cover - up to £1,000

    Personal money - up to £300

    Lost passport - up to £250

    Standard excess charge - up to £150

For more information please consult our policy booklet.

Top 5 things to see and do in Edinburgh

1. The Edinburgh Festival

Edinburgh is known for its large and famous arts festival, which normally takes place during August. This month-long festival is a vivid celebration of theatre and the arts. Edinburgh becomes very crowded during this period, so if this isn't for you then avoid visiting in August.

2. Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle sits above the city and is iconic for its size and its foothold over the town. Steeped in history going back to the Iron Age, this castle makes the perfect spot to explore Scotland's chaotic history.

3. National Galleries Scotland

Explore 3 Galleries including the Scottish National Gallery which contains some of the best fine art collections in the world, the Portrait Gallery and the nearby Modern Art Gallery a few minutes' walk away, where you'll find lots of interesting art to inspire you.

4. Camera Obscura

See the skyline in a very different way to New York's Empire State Building at the Camera Obscura; a strange Victorian device that allows you to see the whole of the cityscape, a world away from the vibrant displays on the lower floors.

5. Old City Observatory

The observatory has recently been recreated by the opening of two new arts complexes; before this, the observatory's ruins stood above Edinburgh as a mere spectacle in remembrance to the astrologers of the past.

What can you do in Edinburgh for free?

Most of the museums in Edinburgh are completely free such as the National Museum of Scotland, giving you the chance to learn the history of your destination. Additionally, many outdoor parks and botanical gardens are free, including free walking tours which allow you to explore the natural heart of the capital.

Is there a train from Edinburgh to Loch Ness?

Although it is a relatively long train, there are direct routes between Edinburgh and Loch Ness, and you can catch a sleeper service if you do not want to miss out on any of your daylight hours. When travelling on holiday, you should always ensure that you take out travel insurance in case of delays or cancellations during your trip.

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Which city are you travelling to..?

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