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Ski vs. Snowboard

It seems as if people tend to settle into two camps, and while everyone will have a preference, you don't have to choose one or the other. It's possible to become a professional in both skiing and snowboarding. If you're deliberating as to which you should spend your time learning, consider the following points.

Which is the easiest to learn?

Skiing is easy to learn and considered much easier than snowboarding. Usually, you'll take a step-by-step approach when learning, but when it comes to perfecting your technique, skiing can become a lot more difficult.

Snowboarding is all about learning to balance on the edges of the board, which involves shifting your weight between your toes and your heels. It's said that once you've got this juggling act down, you'll be well away into learning impressive tricks and techniques – it all just depends on your confidence. If you end up picking up some nifty tricks, it's always wise to take out snowboarding travel insurance, to keep yourself protected, regardless of your new skills.

Winter Sports add-on

To ensure that you're covered for either skiing or snowboarding, you should make sure you pick the right insurance policy with the relevant add-on cover. While over 100+ sports are covered as standard with our policies, for more extreme sports like the aforementioned, it is important you select a Winter Sports add-on to your policy. For skiing, you should select Extra Activity Pack 3 (Skiing, Land Skiing, Mono-Skiing, Off-Piste), or Extra Activity Pack 4 (Freestyle, Glacier, Snowcat, Heli-skiing). If you're planning on snowboarding, then select Extra Activity Pack 3.

Which is more dangerous out of snowboarding or skiing?

It has been discovered in the past that snowboarders were found to be 50% to 70% more likely to suffer from injuries. However, thanks to improvements in both snowboarding and skiing equipment, injuries are exceptionally low or are almost non-existent. If you're still anxious about taking up a new sport while you're on holiday, then ski travel insurance not only protects your luggage but also any additional medical expenses.

If you have time to try both, it's recommended to see which one you find suits your personality and preferences in winter sports generally. Learning a new skill allows you to experience new sports and it can feel like an achievement every time you learn something new.

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