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Although it's not risk-free, guided motorcycle touring is the best way to travel by motorcycle safely and securely. Not only will you come closer to iconic landscapes than you would be able to on a coach or by train, but you'll also be able to access places that you normally would not be able to discover.

Where is the best place to go touring abroad on a motorbike?

The Balkans which span from Slovenia to Croatia is a great place to go touring on a motorbike. Not only does it give you unrivalled views of some of the best coastal scenery in Europe, but European land borders ensure that you'll be able to cross into many different countries and terrains with ease, especially if you're a member of the EU.

How to plan a touring route for your motorbike

You should start by deciding on your location, depending on if you prefer twisting and difficult terrain or flat and relatively easier landscapes. Once you've decided this, you should decide on your route, to make sure that there are no problems along the way.

The next steps should be to work out how far you can manage to travel in one day in miles; you should make sure that the number of miles you ride a day is manageable for you to ensure that you stay safe on your trip. Once this is planned, you'll need to book flights and accommodation dependent on the number of miles you plan to cover a day.

Motorcycling can carry a greater risk than using other vehicles; when booking your route, you should also take out comprehensive travel insurance to protect yourself in the event of injury or illness.

What should you bring on a long motorcycle ride?

Make sure that you pack your vehicle registration, a tire pressure gauge and micro fibre rags. You should also pack a rain jacket and other rain clothing in case of adverse weather, and a first aid kit in case of injury.

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