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Choosing the right hiking gear for your holiday

If you've never been on a hiking trip before, knowing what gear to take can be daunting. There are lots of questions which you need to think about before you invest in the right gear, from the weather, the type of terrain you'll be hiking on, and the right gear to suit both your abilities and your needs.

With our platinum policy you can rest assured that if your hiking gear gets lost, damaged or stolen, we can pay up to £1,000 in total for sports equipment. However, the most we will pay for any single article, pair or set is £500.

What equipment do you need to take when hiking?

One of the most important things that you can take with you is a first aid kit. Although you should take out hiking travel insurance before you travel, taking a first aid kit will ensure that you can attend to minor injuries such as cuts and bruises.

You should also take navigation tools such as a compass or map so that you stay on the route even if you get a bit lost. Before you go you should make sure to learn how to use them, as knowing where you are at all times is important in areas you've never been to before.

You should also take plenty of food and water to stay hydrated and have enough energy throughout the day. If you don't drink enough water, you may find that you struggle for the last part of the hike, or begin to feel nauseous or dizzy from the lack of hydration and nutrients.

A guide of what to wear when hiking

You should always make sure that you wear clothes suited to the weather. If you're going somewhere that's normally rainy, make sure you wear enough layers to stay warm. You should also always carry a rain-proof jacket with moisture slicking as this will ensure that you stay dry in bad weather. You should also wear sturdy hiking boots as these will allow you to climb much easier than if you had trainers. They'll give you more grip and also keep any water or moisture out.

The equipment that you take on a hike is important to make sure that you have a good time on your trip without worrying about not having the right things with you. Having the right equipment will ensure that you stay warm and dry on your trip.

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