Extreme Sports safety

Although you may be excited about the thrills and danger of extreme sports, you should also take precautions to keep yourself safe during extreme sports. Extreme sports can lead to life-threatening incidents if you aren't aware of the dangers, and pre-planning can help you to prevent and be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances.

Will extreme sports be covered on my travel insurance?

While you do have comprehensive cover with your standard policy, this does not cover you in the event of some extreme sports. If you think you will be taking part in an extreme sport while away, we recommend that you add on additional cover with our specialist extreme sports travel insurance to make sure you are medically covered in case you should have an accident.

Ways to stay safe during extreme sports

You should always wear the safety equipment provided, such as helmets and shin protectors. The safety instructors are experts and fully versed in the dangers of the sport you'll be doing, so it's really important to take their advice at all times. You could invalidate your insurance policy if you incur an injury through failing to wear the appropriate equipment advised by your sports instructor.

This is why you should also always listen to instructors. They know the pitfalls of the sport that you're doing and their instructions and advice should always be heeded. You should listen during their safety talks and follow what they say immediately, holding back from anything they say is dangerous.

You should also only commit to what you feel comfortable with. Extreme sports become dangerous when people aren't experienced or push themselves to their limits too early.

Top safety gear for extreme sports

For activities such as skiing, you should always wear high-quality goggles, helmets and gloves to ensure that you stay safe during a fall. You'll also need the correct type of helmet for sports such as long-haul cycling to protect your head from serious injury. Sport Pursuit can provide good quality helmets and other sporting equipment that suits a variety of different extreme sports. You may also need joint padding such as shin protectors for sports such as skateboarding.

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