Top tips for cycling abroad

Cycling abroad can make for the perfect day trip or holiday. Cycling allows you to cross long distances, exercise and discover places that you would not find by using public transport. Cycling is also environmentally friendly and economical — keep in mind cycling holidays can take some pre-planning, from your route to what you should pack. You'll be pleased to know that leisurely cycling up to 1000m, as well as electric cycling, is already included as standard in your policy.

Ways to get better at road cycling

Although it sounds obvious, the best way to get better at cycling is to cycle more. You should plan an allotted time for cycling each week - the more practice you get, the more confident you will be when cycling long distances. This will also strengthen your core, enabling you to go faster and for longer distances. You should also meet your weaknesses head-on - by climbing hills, riding on busier roads and do stretching exercises before and after you cycle. This will increase your overall fitness, which will, in turn, improve your cycling, and prepare you for your trip.

How long does it take to go 100 miles on a bike?

The length of time depends on how fast you ride, but on average, it takes between 4-10 hours.

What should you bring on a long bicycle journey?

You should take a padlock and key for your bike so that you can chain it wherever you stop without worrying that it'll be stolen or damaged. You should also pack water containers and bottles to ensure that you stay hydrated for the duration of your trip, as this is vital to your health. You should also take copies of your cycling travel insurance and other important documents to ensure you are covered if your bike is stolen or if you need medical treatment abroad.

Cycling is one of the best modes of transport. Challenge yourself physically and enjoy some of the best landscapes in the world. With planning and training, you'll able to make the most of your cycling holiday.

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