E-bikes allow people that aren't as experienced cyclists to get assistance when they cycle. This can allow people to go on cycle holidays that would normally avoid them for fear of a lack of practice or knowledge.

What is an e-bike?

An e-bike is a bike that is powered by electricity as well as by the traditional pedals. They have compact electric motors attached to the front or back of the bike and they allow you to climb hills and pedal easier. These can either come in two forms: full power or power assist. Full power bikes run solely on electricity and little pedalling is needed, unlike power assist bikes, where you are expected to pedal most of the time, and the electric function is only used to help you up steep hills or when you're tired.

Top e-bike holiday destinations

Travelling through the Tuscan valleys makes for a luxurious and laid-back guided tour, filled with cypress trees and holiday villas as you travel to Cortona to the wine valleys of Italy. Most tour companies will equip you with electric bikes once you reach your starting destination.

E-bikes will not stop you from travelling long distances. Sri Lanka holidays will allow you to spend your free time lounging on the beach after some exerting cycle paths, as well as visiting the world-renowned temples and visiting UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Does e-biking class as a separate activity to normal biking for travel insurance?

Although you're subjected to some extra laws and regulations concerning electric vehicles, you shouldn't need different cycling travel insurance for an electric bike than you would for a traditional bike.

E-biking can revolutionise the way that people travel on holiday. If you tire quickly or struggle to travel up larger hills or more difficult tracks, investing in an e-bike could be an excellent way to keep up with your fellow travellers and enjoy the same holiday as an experienced cyclist.

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