Top destinations for surfers

If you're a regular surfer and are looking to devote an entire holiday to your favourite sport, then it can be hard to know where to start first. After all, there are plenty of countries that are perfect with sunny weather and regular waves.

Top holiday destinations for surfing

Australian surfing

Bondi Beach is a top holiday destination for surfing. After all, 'Bondi' is an aboriginal name which means 'water breaking over rocks.' Manly Beach is another popular destination for surfers in the area.

Surfin' USA

Santa Cruz in California is not only surfing paradise, but it's also renowned for its difficulty and challenging waves. If you want a holiday destination that provides a bit of a challenge, this might be your spot. Meanwhile, if you're looking for waves that are perfect all-year-round, then Playa Naranjo in Costa Rica might be more up your street.

Hawaii consistently seems to win the crowds over. After all, it is the birthplace of learning to ride the waves, and it is also the host of the most prestigious contests each year: The Billabong Pipeline Masters and The Eddie. Wherever you end up travelling to, taking out surfing insurance will keep your mind at rest while you tackle the bigger waves.

Where can you surf at Christmas?

While Australia enjoys its summer during the North-of-the-equator's winter and is infamous for its many surfing opportunities, there are other spots that offer festive surfing opportunities. Morocco is a popular choice with European surfing-fanatics as the waves at Killer Point, Safi and Anchor point have powerful waves that pack a punch during the winter months.

Portugal experiences a brilliant surfing season during the colder months, too. While the water might not be the Mediterranean in temperature, the waves are powerful and worthy of any devoted surfing fanatic.

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