What to wear on your skiing holiday

If you don't go skiing often, knowing what to pack can seem almost alien to you. There are many items of clothing and equipment needed to keep you warm and safe, but remembering it all can be problematic. The following guide is going to highlight what to wear when skiing so that you don't miss anything.

Firstly, by taking out a comprehensive travel insurance policy you can then tailor your policy to add extra cover on, like winter sports cover. Selecting this add-on will protect your ski equipment, ski clothes etc. in the unpredicted eventuality of loss, theft or damage.

All the skiing gear you need for the slopes

If you're not a frequent skier, renting the appropriate equipment is a safe and cost-effective way of getting the correct equipment without having to take it to and from the airport and home. Usually, ski equipment rentals also include ski boots, goggles and a helmet.

However, you might wish to purchase a proper ski jacket, gloves and mittens. You should also buy a base layer, otherwise known as thermals, which is a tight-fitting layer that acts as the first base of insulation. To avoid heat loss, a neck warmer, whether it be a snood or a scarf, is essential. Buying clothing is better than renting so that each piece of clothing fits you properly. You should also have ski insurance in case of any injuries.

Tips on what to pack for a skiing trip

On top of any clothing, it's advised that you take a high-factor sunscreen, and keep it in a well-stocked rucksack full of drinks and snacks to keep you energised throughout the day. Although it may be snowy, the high altitude means you're far more prone to sunburn. It's also recommended that you buy a pack of hand warmers on top of many pairs of ski socks.

Your clothes can become easily wet, so remember to pack more than one of everything. You should pack 2 fleeces, 2 thermal tops and 2 waterproof ski trousers. When you're not skiing, your everyday clothes should still be warm and comfortable.

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